BUY! BUY! BUY! Endless money printing, you need to buy GOLD. Stock market crashes, you need to buy GOLD. CoronaVirus, you need to buy GOLD. Flight to safety, you need to buy GOLD. Potential Hyper Inflation, you need to buy GOLD. Even a major investment bank has jumped on the bandwagon, Goldman says buy gold now: ‘Time to buy the currency of last resort’, stating the latest Fed’s stimulus package will encourage investors to rush to the safe haven of last resort.

The GOLD scenario is very similar to the equity market last year as mainstream media was pumping up stocks to record highs. The sentiment measures along with CBOE’s options interest showed record optimism during the stock market melt up. These bullish extremes are contrarian indicators that signify we have arrived at a major inflection point. We don’t think we need to elaborate further based on what happened after a record optimism on the stock market. Now, investors are making the same mistake on Gold as Open interest on CBOE has exploded with speculators going all in. Many of the GOLD ETFs are seeing record inflows as investors think GOLD rally has no end in sight. The other sure sign that GOLD will tank is the global central bankers timing of the GOLD purchases, they are notorious for wrongly timing the purchase of GOLD as they were net sellers for an entire decade when GOLD rallied close to $2000 in 2011 and they were net buyers while Gold price remain dormant in a triangle formation since 2011. With central bankers turning even more bullish recently the Elliott Wave pattern is turning even more bearish. The markets are patterned, from start to finish, and the current Elliott Wave pattern on GOLD couldn’t be more opposing compared to the views of mainstream. Is GOLD about to crash like the equities or will it slowly crater, we have the count to give investors the clarity to the best probable path, Please join our Bronze plan and let us guide you.