The 30 year bond yield hit rock bottom as the yield curve Inversion worsens, all German bond yields are negative now as more than half of the world’s bond market is trading below the Fed funds rate, Brexit is looming, Argentina stock market just crashed, Italy is next in line to exit the EU, a trade war just started between Japan – Korea, and global macroeconomic data is worsening from the US-CHINA trade war and now add a currency war on top of the trade war. The world is awash in debt. Many years of monetary intervention among the world’s central bankers created artificial asset-price inflation which created a vast wealth inequalities. This has all the making for a major stock market correction down the road and it may be too much for the Fed to handle as central banks are desperate to keep extending the business cycle with intervention. The corporations were systematically buying back stocks, in so doing they were reducing share floats to keep the illusion of earnings growth going. Trump administration is trying to control markets with jawboning and exerting political pressure on the Fed chairman Powell to cut rates further as currencies, bonds, commodities and fundamentals show a market under increasing stress.