Q. What are the benefits to subscribing to Current Wave?

Our Elliotticians have over 30 years of experience analyzing the financial markets, we have worked as a head trader at major investment banks, hedge funds and traditional institutional asset management companies. Our analysts will bring holistic vetting service that is timely, extremely forward looking and above all, easy to understand.

Q. What makes Current Wave stand out from other competitors?

Our process is very unique in that we take a holistic approach to Elliott Wave Analysis. We take many different proprietary technical indicators into account as well as how markets have moved in the past. We do not focus on the headline news or current events, our core focus is to search for repetitive patterns of human psychology, which is the real driver of prices.

Q. How many instruments do you cover?

We currently analyze 9 instruments spanning the U.S. Markets, Commodities, Bonds, and Asia-Pacific (Kospi 200 and Nifty 50). By focusing intently on these areas we are able to give you the most accurate, in depth analysis possible without spreading ourselves thin. Of course we could cover over 70 different instruments but we feel this is not advantageous or actionable to our subscribers.

Q. Instead of paying for entire 8 instruments in your U8 plan, can subscribers select the instruments at their discretion with less cost?

For now, we have just one package U8 premium plan, plus separate Kospi 200 and Nifty 50 service, however, we are open to a la carte service in the near future.

Q. Why don’t you apply Elliott Wave Analysis to individual stocks?

Elliott Wave is the absolute top forecasting tool out there but it works best with mass investor psychology. If you apply it to individual equities, for example Microsoft, it will not follow the rules correctly since it is not owned by the crowd. Whereas the S&P 500 is, so if you apply Elliott Wave to this index and know how to count it correctly you can be highly successful.

Q. Can you guarantee your forecast?

Unfortunately, irrespective of vetting method, there is no 100% certainty in the financial markets, Elliott Wave is a study of highest probabilities by eliminating what is not possible and applying what is possible. Our job is to provide to our subscribers the best probability setups in each of the 9 instruments.

Q. Do you provide real time market alerts?

Yes, with our plan we provide real time counts and possible patterns as they unfold.

Q. Do you provide online chatting service?

Yes, we have tawk.to app installed on our homepage, if you have any questions about our counts, our elliotticans are on standby to address any inquiries.

Q. Do you post on any social media platforms?

Yes. we have a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feed where we update the counts on the S&P 500 hourly and daily for free (limited time). Here is a link to our SNS Homepage.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription if I feel the service is not suitable For me?

Yes you may cancel at any time. Please visit our Cancellation Policy for further details.

Q. Will you be adding more instruments to your platform?

We might be adding more instruments to the service in the near future which may not be part of existing subscrption.

Q. Have any other questions?

Please reach out to support@cwcount.com and we will handle it from there.