July 21st - Can the December low be retested? We have the answer

We provide investors and traders with the potential price movements and high probability market turning or trend reversal points. Covering: S&P 500, DJIA, NASDAQ, RUSSELL, WTI OIL, GOLD, 30 YEAR BOND, KOSPI 200 and NIFTY 50.

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 1 Hour, Daily and Weekly Elliott Wave Counts

 Fibonacci Analysis on price targets for motive waves and corrective waves

 Daily market commentary with Weekly recap

 Cycle Degree assessment

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Why Current Wave Count

Wouldn't you have an edge if you could read what
the waves are "telling" you?

Unfiltered Analysis

Current Wave Counts give you an accurate, unbiased, and holistic approach to Elliott Wave Analysis.

Added Advantage

An accurate wave count can give investors a tremendous edge over all other technical tools.

Cycle Assessment

With our counts you can increase your understanding of how current price action relate to the market's larger trend.

Simplistic Approach

We remove all emotions from our patterns and give you simple, easy to read charts.

Opportunities Abound

A properly counted wave can predict market movements and Identify at what stages a market will change directions to give guidance as to entry and exit points.


Does your Elliott Wave analysis help day traders make a better decision?

Although Elliott Wave theory is one of the best technical indicators to predict financial markets' behavior, at the same time, it is not an ideal tool to utilize for day traders. The reason, there are many different variations in the Elliott Wave patterns which can be a time consuming event coupled with an alternate scenario that can drastically alter the near term direction. Elliott Wave is highly accurate when forecasting the general direction of the market’s path, however, it is not a tool well suited for scalping for short term trades. Plus, we at Current Wave Count thinks a concept of day trading by itself is a futile exercise.

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