Many in mainstream media seems to believe that a recent trade agreement is the final nail in the coffin for the stock market to achieve another record run for the rest of this year and the next. The headline news from all the financial networks seems to be in unison as all the headlines had nothing but high praises for the stock market. One economist was so jubilant that he stated “there is no risk in buying stocks at this time.” The sentiment we are witnessing is a carbon copy of January 2018 top and October 2018. Always remember, the bull markets end not on bad news but on euphoric news. Trump called phase 1 over and now it’s time to work on phase 2 which infers that another round of milking phase 2 trade progress is coming. It is obvious what is happening here, Trump will use this narrative to win his 2nd term but we caution investors that no matter the trade news, the current Elliott Wave pattern says markets are destined for a tremendous volatility in 2020.