The markets will be focused on the Federal Reserve when a decision on interest rates comes this week. There has been an expectation that at least a 25 basis point cut is baked in, and more ECB stimulus coupled with recent conciliatory tone from Trump has helped US markets approach their all-time highs. CHINA in reciprocation, has exempted some US products from tariffs. It seems further de-escalation in the trade war would limit the negative economic impact to the US economy, which would be reason enough not to cut rates. Now, Trump is trying to “have your cake and eat it too” moment telling the Fed to cut rates by minimum 100% regardless of the possible trade deal. At the same time, the Bond prices have topped based on the EW reading, and if our count is correct we are looking at yields to spike rapidly hinting that inflation numbers could come storming back which would then prompt the Fed to pause if not reverse their policy stance.